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Dark type Pokémon species

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There are currently 0 pages in this category, none of which have been answered.

There are 40 subcategories in this category:

[×] Absol(43 P)
[×] Bisharp(43 P)
[×] Cacturne(7 P)
[×] Carvanha(20 P)
[×] Crawdaunt(2 P)
[×] Darkrai(272 P)
[×] Deino(322 P)
[×] Drapion(35 P)
[×] Honchkrow(5 P)
[×] Houndoom(15 P)
[×] Houndour(33 P)
[×] Hydreigon(86 P)
[×] Krokorok(126 P)
[×] Krookodile(43 P)
[×] Liepard(26 P)
[×] Mandibuzz(21 P)
[×] Mightyena(10 P)
[×] Murkrow(20 P)
[×] Nuzleaf(11 P)
[×] Pawniard(98 P)
[×] Poochyena(41 P)
[×] Purrloin(73 P)
[×] Sableye(19 P)
[×] Sandile(138 P)
[×] Scrafty(42 P)
[×] Scraggy(148 P)
[×] Sharpedo(12 P)
[×] Shiftry(3 P)
[×] Skuntank(5 P)
[×] Sneasel(74 P)
[×] Spiritomb(69 P)
[×] Stunky(5 P)
[×] Tyranitar(63 P)
[×] Umbreon(58 P)
[×] Vullaby(28 P)
[×] Weavile(16 P)
[×] Yveltal(1 P)
[×] Zoroark(200 P)
[×] Zorua(366 P)
[×] Zweilous(108 P)

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