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What are some good nicknames for Tepig?

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Tepig is a Fire Pig type Pokemon. He can also evolve to Pignite and Emboar, so bear those in mind when choosing a name.

Name ideas include:

  • Pignition
  • Hot Snuff
  • Boarning
  • Pigcante (Picante=spicy)
  • Inhammable (Inflammable)
  • Bacon
  • Porker
  • Trotters
  • Ms. Piggy
  • Wilbur
  • Hogger
  • Spiderpig
  • Babe
  • Tehpig (Thepig)
  • Pyronite
  • Blaze
  • Broham
  • Waddles (I call him that because he waddles!)

Ah! funny nicknames i like it! ^_^ Mines

  • Mr.Pig as well as some of these ideas

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