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What is a good Pokémon White Team?

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A good team to have has to have a water type,fire,grass,flying,elecktrick or ice,and the last one is your choice this is for pokemon white but black is ok.a good team for the elite four is Hydreigon for the psychic and ghost, braviary for the fighting and elektross serperior sesmeitoad and a great one is chandelure a good speed followed bye a monsteress sp. attack you also might need to e.v. train hydreigon in health points to get it very bulky and maybe some e.v train in sp.defence ad for the last champion is actually a suprise beacause you dont verse him until the rematch he is harder than he seems good luck people my team is now good but bad vsing ice types its ok beacause chandelure to take it out i dont need a water type beacause my dragon has surf a strong water type move good luck


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