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this code will give you in box 1 in the last two slots:

N's Reshiram, as seen in the final battle

tornadus from pokemon black, in case you want tornadus and cannt find anyone to train with, this code hasnt been tested. use at own risk

94000130 FFFB0000 0221CEAC 66E6A6F5 0221CEB0 4FA40000 0221CEB4 38B05570 0221CEB8 AF107039 0221CEBC 9B1A46DF 0221CEC0 09D9928D 0221CEC4 D5856309 0221CEC8 D76FDD3A 0221CECC C146413F 0221CED0 E67C75A0 0221CED4 B20BFB81 0221CED8 924ABB55 0221CEDC 341DFFDA 0221CEE0 4AA8E432 0221CEE4 0796A3FA 0221CEE8 EA8FA256 0221CEEC 5423ADB8 0221CEF0 7F023B8B 0221CEF4 37F03636 0221CEF8 E4FF0F07 0221CEFC 2947F55C 0221CF00 78DFC472 0221CF04 53AEE7E6 0221CF08 9947D85E 0221CF0C 47A899C0 0221CF10 814389B2 0221CF14 296C2EF3 0221CF18 A8F51311 0221CF1C 55646C6F 0221CF20 72668F05 0221CF24 83F3B5BB 0221CF28 1578EBE9 0221CF2C 7A1F67EB 0221CF30 732F7A1D 0221CF34 66E6AFA6 0221CF38 CC800000 0221CF3C CDBBE9C4 0221CF40 6252C3CE 0221CF44 98ECE41C 0221CF48 2499C897 0221CF4C 13B13D39 0221CF50 AEC58C0A 0221CF54 B0D8778F 0221CF58 5DB4D647 0221CF5C E835E923 0221CF60 0A926284 0221CF64 05BDC7B5 0221CF68 F0AEB8CB 0221CF6C B1421E00 0221CF70 7D382285 0221CF74 48F4E51C 0221CF78 6C8AD3E1 0221CF7C 3BA673FA 0221CF80 597211E6 0221CF84 DCECAE2C 0221CF88 BA3C4C48 0221CF8C BF71BF91 0221CF90 D731A7F9 0221CF94 F6BC82B5 0221CF98 BE25AB9B 0221CF9C 5E7D998F 0221CFA0 DB5A595D 0221CFA4 57A99B9C 0221CFA8 849C2ED4 0221CFAC 4808D34E 0221CFB0 8D82D025 0221CFB4 F1EAB760 0221CFB8 0E661162 D2000000 00000000

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