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Genesect White Version (USA/UK) - Genesect [Press L+R to replace your first Pokemon in your Party] [by Stoane V1.1b]

94000130 FCFF0000 022349D4 D2E4435C 022349D8 3E470000 022349DC 45FD4677 022349E0 CF9F6EDF 022349E4 0224E5AC 022349E8 C86EFD55 022349EC E10F05CD 022349F0 495B8221 022349F4 D5358297 022349F8 7C930B5A 022349FC 2DC129C4 02234A00 E91393FC 02234A04 216E20BC 02234A08 D83F297B 02234A0C 7BF0A681 02234A10 D202FF40 02234A14 C59A93F0 02234A18 DFE85406 02234A1C 61FF716F 02234A20 DFD114D0 02234A24 128168CA 02234A28 44119DAF 02234A2C 5DD43B44 02234A30 CA8C444A 02234A34 33E872B7 02234A38 228E7C7D 02234A3C B8B831F8 02234A40 49DDD0F1 02234A44 164834CA 02234A48 14BDFBBD 02234A4C 6A664BA2 02234A50 BE0C0DDD 02234A54 2CCA938E 02234A58 8E10A7D4 02234A5C 11DBCCDF 02234A60 8D31F35C 02234A64 4D95D32E 02234A68 F948773C 02234A6C DF013CC6 02234A70 406C6742 02234A74 2F208F64 02234A78 EB808C43 02234A7C 80925AD4 02234A80 04875A0F 02234A84 6C23B07F 02234A88 073EB6DE 02234A8C 35DB73B7 02234A90 B75DE762 02234A94 B1E9ECDA 02234A98 45FA1B3C 02234A9C C2A62CEA 02234AA0 692F4CB0 02234AA4 B2D3165C 02234AA8 49F9679C 02234AAC F0251F30 D2000000 00000000

Genesect Black Version (USA/UK) - Genesect [Press L+R to replace your first Pokemon in your Party] [by Stoane V1.1b]

94000130 FCFF0000 022349B4 D2E4435C 022349B8 3E470000 022349BC 45FD4677 022349C0 CF9F6EDF 022349C4 0224E5AC 022349C8 C86EFD55 022349CC E10F05CD 022349D0 495B8221 022349D4 D5358297 022349D8 7C930B5A 022349DC 2DC129C4 022349E0 E91393FC 022349E4 216E20BC 022349E8 D83F297B 022349EC 7BF0A681 022349F0 D202FF40 022349F4 C59A93F0 022349F8 DFE85406 022349FC 61FF716F 02234A00 DFD114D0 02234A04 128168CA 02234A08 44119DAF 02234A0C 5DD43B44 02234A10 CA8C444A 02234A14 33E872B7 02234A18 228E7C7D 02234A1C B8B831F8 02234A20 49DDD0F1 02234A24 164834CA 02234A28 14BDFBBD 02234A2C 6A664BA2 02234A30 BE0C0DDD 02234A34 2CCA938E 02234A38 8E10A7D4 02234A3C 11DBCCDF 02234A40 8D31F35C 02234A44 4D95D32E 02234A48 F948773C 02234A4C DF013CC6 02234A50 406C6742 02234A54 2F208F64 02234A58 EB808C43 02234A5C 80925AD4 02234A60 04875A0F 02234A64 6C23B07F 02234A68 073EB6DE 02234A6C 35DB73B7 02234A70 B75DE762 02234A74 B1E9ECDA 02234A78 45FA1B3C 02234A7C C2A62CEA 02234A80 692F4CB0 02234A84 B2D3165C 02234A88 49F9679C 02234A8C F0251F30 D2000000 00000000

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